I have for as long as I know grown up with painting and being creative. My love for painting grew from my grand father who is a brilliant teacher and painter. I completed the diploma in fine art and then the Bachelor of Visual Art at Southern Cross University completing the degree in 2016. At the award ceremony I had my grand father attend which was such an honour to me to go on and start my own journey in art. During my degree I had to do a placement at an artist studio. This is where I found one of the most amazing painters and incredibly generous person Mark Waller of Lennox Head. Mark has this way with paint that I have not seen anywhere else he taught me how to see exactly what I am looking at when painting, I learnt a heck of a lot from Mark in which I am for ever grateful for that experience.

After my Degree I have had an Exhibition in Melbourne at the Brunswick street Gallery which was my first real life exhibition which was an amazing experience. I have also been part of an exhibition in the Lismore Regional Gallery which was part of Naidoc week as I am a Bundjalung man. At the moment I am building my painting stock while I am not at work.

I see my work in the future bridging the traditional contemporary art practice with that of the Bundjalung people and conveying messages of what the contemporary can learn from the Bundjalung traditional art in a positive manner. I have always been fascinated by the ocean and the creatures within it, there fore most of my paintings will be and are of the ocean, but not always I paint to convey a message and so I think of that while trying to find a landscape that would fit in with that message. I will also paint animals within the landscape when possible because I think that if I can help them by painting them and raising concern of any given situation they face.